University of Michigan Football Helmet Stickers Explained

U of Michigan Helmet Stickers

What do the Michigan Wolverines Football Helmet Stickers Mean?

The Michigan Wolverines football team has a long tradition of using helmet stickers to reward individual achievement during each season. U-M hired Bo Schembechler in 1969 and he brought his sticker reward system with him from Miami of Ohio. Jon Falk, longtime equipment manager who arrived in 1974, would cut out gold footballs by hand and glue them onto helmets during his first season. In 1975, Falk added a Wolverines logo to the decals, which became a staple for Schembechler-era stars. They remained until 1995 when Lloyd Carr took over as coach and ended the sticker reward system.

In 2021, the team introduced a new set of stickers with updated designs, meanings and scope - players now would accumulate their helmet stickers over the entirety of their career at U-M. The university then gifts the player with their helmet after their final season, with the stickers chronicling their's and the team's achievements.

There are different stickers for different achievements, and they each have their own significance. They're now 1 inch x 1.5 inch football-shaped stickers with writing and images on them to denote the achievement. The stickers are produced in-house by the Michigan Football graphics specialist.

Here's a breakdown of the new helmet stickers and what they represent:

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