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Helmet testing at Riddell's Facility

CollegeHelmetStore.com is proud to have been bringing college and NFL football fans the finest authentic and replica helmets by Riddell and Schutt since 1998. We are serious football fans ourselves and we love what we do. We value every customer and strive to provide the highest level of customer service and attention to each order.

CollegeHelmetStore.com was founded in 1998 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We moved, in 2005, to our current location in Bradenton, Florida.
** Side Note: In the early 2000's we owned and operated "NFLHelmetStore.com" as well, until the NFL's lawyers threatened us with a law suit if we didn't take it down for using "NFL" in our domain name. Now you know why we also offer NFL helmets under the CollegeHelmetStore.com domain.

At CollegeHelmetStore.com we greatly value our customers and we pledge to you our commitment to provide the highest levels of security, privacy and customer service. We sell only products that are fully licensed (beware of counterfeit helmets that often show up on eBay, etc.).

CollegeHelmetStore.com is a first-tier retailer. This means that our products come directly from Riddell's authorized distributor. In other words, we get the lowest price on the College and NFL Helmets that we sell ... and we pass that savings on to you.

Thank you for taking the time to visit, learn more about us and, hopefully, order a College or NFL Helmet!

Mike Walsten, Owner and Founder
CollegeHelmetStore.com, AKA The Helmet Co.
9719 Portside
Bradenton, FL 34212 USA